Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating injections

Excessive axillary sweating is embarrassing and interferes with many daily activities, I causes damp stained clothes, wet skin folds are prone to infection and dermatitis.

It can be primary usually most common which starts in childhood or adolescence and could be hereditary.

It can also be secondary to a medical condition like e.gthyroid disease,anxiety, diabetes, menopause,certain neurological conditions, drugs, alcohol, spicy food, exercise.

Sweat is a weak salt solution produced by sweat glands in the skin. Botulinum toxin injection to these glands has been approved as a treatment for hyperhidrosis affecting armpits. The injection reduces or stops sweating for 3-6 months. The effects are usually apparent after 5-10 days, possible side effects will be discussed.

During your assessment consultation, you will be asked about any medication/current medical problems to ensure that it will be safe and effective for you to have the injection.