PRP / Platelet Rich Plasma treatment

PRP is an advanced cutting edge therapy which utilises body’s own ability to regenerate new blood vessels ,new tissue and new collagen. It is useful for the following skin problems: Wrinkles , scars , acne , pigmentation, sagging skin, alopecia, stretch marks, aesthetic applications, skin rejuvenation and delay of the ageing process.

PRP benefits in aesthetics :
1- Improved skin texture and tone (silkiness).
2- Increase in skin thickness and vitality.
3- Refinement of signs of ageing (lines ,spots).
4- Reduction of dark circles.
5- Hydration.
5- Reduction of scars ( acne, stretch marks).
6- Rejuvenation and delay of the ageing process.
7- Hair regeneration.

PRP is specifically effective for the under-eye area which has limited options and PRP has an advantage over fillers which can carry risk and are not particularly effective in this area.

PRP is autologous (derived from the patient’s own blood), minimising safety concerns for allergic response or disease transmission. PRP is indeed your insurance against your skin ageing process.